Life On The Tracks#

Track #8

Decks Dark By Radiohead Released May, 2016 Something a little more recent for me, I found this song while watching the pilot for ‘Ozark’. It was one of those moments where it gives you goosebumps from fitting so well with what you’re watching, now I’d say it’s one of my favorite Radiohead songs. Listening toContinue reading “Track #8”

Track #7

OK so this morning I woke up and I time travelled all the way back to 1996, thanks to a frankly phenomenal band and album; ‘Walking Wounded’ by ‘Everything But The Girl’. This weeks song though was so difficult to choose and I love most songs on this album, I can’t praise it enough. ClaimingContinue reading “Track #7”

Track #6

Aquemini By Outkast Released September, 1998 It’s that time again where I write about a song and I like to think this is gonna be a good one. I love hip-hop but I was a bit late to discovering the best of it, the 90s were really it’s golden age in my opinion and itContinue reading “Track #6”

Track #5

Didn’t Cha Know By Erykah Badu Released November, 2000 Gonna jump right into it and say this song and Erykah are incredible, to me she is the mother of Lofi. I found her songs in the midst of a Lofi binge that lasted months, admittedly I don’t know how accurate that is with how sheContinue reading “Track #5”

Track #4

Chamber Of Reflection By Mac DeMarco Released April, 2014 ‘Song hits like a memory you cant seem to remember’ Is a comment I saw under the YouTube video for this song and for me that was not true at all, I remember what this song makes me think of and dear reader… It ain’t nuthin’Continue reading “Track #4”

Track #3

Let’s Go Outside By Far Caspian Released November, 2018 Firstly apologies for my hiatus, I did a big move abroad… And then got the big c-19… Alas I am back and raring to go. This weeks track has a positive spin. This band/album I found back in 2020 on Christmas eve, which I believe IContinue reading “Track #3”

Track #2

Swords By Leftfield Released September, 1999 This song has a lot of history for me, it’s time to get serious, buckle up sunshine. In my teens I used to bury my head in video games. There was a lot of arguing and tension in my house for much of my teens, during this later timeContinue reading “Track #2”

Track #1

Second, Minute or Hour By Jack Penate Released October, 2007 This track is to do with Brighton where I may or may not be from. If you know the song then you perhaps have already cottoned on to where I’m going with this. Jack Penate flew under the radar for me when his first fewContinue reading “Track #1”

What is Life On The Tracks?

This idea came to me when I discovered that I couldn’t help but ‘show off’ my music taste. I did it all the time trying to share music videos from Youtube all over my various social media accounts, stories on Instagram etc. Now I think I have found a way to make it interesting and to fulfill my dreams of inundating strangers with MY music preferences, prepare accordingly.

Strangely on-point image I found.

  • The convoluted principal is I will release a weekly blog covering a song of my choosing.
  • The blog i’m hoping will inspire some creative writing around the song in question e.g. how I found it, what does it make me think of or even the song’s subject.
  • Even perhaps trailing into fiction. So dear reader lets hope you’re not the suggestible type, take this all on board with a pinch of salt.
  • Nothing to do with trains, apologies Francis Bourgeois.
  • Was hoping to get the introduction out of the way as quickly as possible so I can get on with the first one!.
  • A spotify and Youtube playlist will be made in honor of this madly successful blog, thank you in advance for taking a look.
  • References to unrelated music, hidden or in plain sight.
  • The absolute butchering and over-use of elipses…


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